Make-up artist Linda Öhrström embarks on a Wake-Up Tour to raise the question to weather we need to continue in the conventional track or if it is possible to switch over to cleaner cosmetics without compromising on quality.
She has teamed up with Eco Beauty Consultant Iván Valencia who has a clear insight into how the beauty manufacturing industry works and why it looks the way it does today.
Together they embark on what they choose to call SOS - Save Our Skins, the enlightenment tour aimed at everyone who want to learn more about the products on the bathroom shelf!
In intimate session they share their journeys through the beauty jungle and provide simple tools to check and understand beauty products and thus become more aware.

You can invite us to do either the 30 minute Small Talk or a full 2 hour of The Talk.
Make it a lunch break or an evening event! 
At the moment we are in Stockholm and London.
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